Now more than ever, teachers prepare students, trapped in social, emotional and economic crisis, for lives beyond school when no one can agree what that should look like. Daily, millions of us rise to new challenges with fewer resources. Daily we engage in the winner takes all education battles. Daily we see fresh attacks against our neighborhood schools by those whose who would turn our kids into profit centers.  
(Check out this presentation for the Big Picture of the pillage of our public neighborhood schools.
     As idealistic young teachers, none of us imagined how much of our meager salaries would go to support our classrooms. In the era of stripped budgets and looted school funding, teaching with scavenged supplies and scarce equipment and support means Naked Teaching. Naked Teaching is the truest love story. It means doing the very best you can with what you have while never forgetting that our kids deserve more, much more, than poverty level schools—particularly in the richest nation in the world.
     Many of you spend kaboodles of your own money to set up your classrooms, at times even feeding your chronically hungry kids. Even this isn’t enough. Still, we endure the latest public school bashing and continue to believe that learning is the most exciting and necessary adventure in the world. And we never forget to ask, how do we get past mere survival? And why should we?     
      So please. Pull up a chair. Stay a while and we can learn how to thrive together.
     Be sure to check out Naked Teaching: A Love Story, my autobiographical novel, available in paperback and ebook on Amazon. And please, visit my blog featuring, “Is This Your Child?” Join the conversation and share your greatest gift, the love that drives you to figure out how to reach each child.
     Every single thought is vital.

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